Tax Law/ Tax Planning/ Tax Litigation & IRS Disputes

At the Law Offices of Robert M. Stahl, we help clients achieve their business and financial objectives through careful tax planning. From the initial choice of entity for clients organizing a new business, through the planning for the final disposition of the business, we advise clients on the best choices for minimizing taxation and maximizing financial return.

Our practice is knowledgeable about the advantages and disadvantages of the wide range of business entities available today. We help our clients sift through the choices of corporations, S corporations, limited liability companies, general partnerships, and limited partnerships and other forms of business to choose the one entity that best suits the client’s needs. We also advise clients on the benefits and the qualification for treatment as limited liability companies, S corporations and partnerships.


We assist clients in planning, negotiating, and implementing strategies for the sale, acquisition, or reorganization of business enterprises. These activities include:

  • Structuring business acquisitions, dispositions, mergers and share exchanges.
  • Designing tax-free transactions, including mergers, reorganizations, and multiple-step acquisitions.
  • Planning divestiture strategies, including stock transfers and tax-free spin-offs.
  • Assessing tax attributes, including net operating and capital loss carryforwards.
  • Rendering tax opinions.

The Law Offices of Robert M. Stahl provides advice on many other tax-related matters such as liquidations, stock redemptions, joint ventures, and recapitalizations. Our firms advises clients on tax issues related to executive compensation including the issuance of warrants, options, and restricted stock and the establishment of deferred compensation plans.
In addition, we regularly advise privately held business owners on matters relating to the tax-efficient ownership and operation of their business enterprise. We also frequently assist our clients in the tax aspects of their succession planning.

Tax planning & compliance

Developing innovative plans to reduce our clients’ tax burden is our specialty. We can plan a tax strategy to meet not only your federal and state tax requirements, but also your business and personal goals.

We help our clients – including corporations, partnerships, not-for-profits, and individuals – by:

  • Preparing tax returns and related filings, such as income tax returns and sales and use tax filings
  • Devising strategic tax plans
  • Offering advice regarding tax laws and regulations
  • Applying tax laws to financial reporting requirements
  • Providing representation before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and various state tax agencies

State & local taxes

Maximizing refunds and minimizing tax obligations are our top priorities. We accomplish this by staying on top of the constantly changing rules and regulations. Our 30+ years of experience have also helped us gain an in-depth understanding of multi-state and local tax laws.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Sales & use tax
  • Gross receipts taxes
  • Business licenses and fees
  • Income / franchise tax
  • Real estate and personal property tax
  • Inheritance and estate tax
  • Business tax credits

Tax Audits

We also provide aggressive, experienced representation before the Internal Revenue Service and state tax agencies for audits and collection matters. Taxpayers are entitled to many protections while under investigation in a tax controversy and the services of experienced counsel can reduce the potential for an adverse determination. When negotiation with the administrative arm of the IRS fails to secure a desired resolution, we have the experience to pursue judicial remedies to assure that our clients are fairly treated.