We provide a full range of litigation services to business entities and individuals in both the state and federal courts. Our litigation attorneys are experienced in commercial litigation, estates and trust disputes, tax litigation and IRS controversy, employment law matters and professional malpractice.

Litigation is the process of resolving disputes through the court system, this can include commercial disputes, personal injury claims, employment law matters, tort claims, criminal defense, appeals, and many other matters. Our firm has won many court verdicts and achieved favorable settlements. We have also defended many clients successfully against various types of claims. In addition, we have handled many arbitrations and mediations for our clients. In addition, we counsel our clients to be pro-active in avoiding litigation.

Parties in legal disputes count on their attorneys for reliable advice, insight, experience, and diligence. We approach every matter with a strategy up front rather than just reacting to the other side. We staff our cases efficiently, but always have commitment to produce results. We also retain co-counsel when matters are complex and a team approach is advisable. We keep our clients up to date. We work hard and are prepared.

We also know that many times the best victory occurs in cases that are never filed with a court at all. Taking control of a situation at the outset is key and avoiding litigation before it happens by drafting the right contract and giving the right advice early is the best service we can provide.


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