Bankruptcy Lawyer Howard County MD

Bankruptcy Lawyer Howard County MD

Robert M. Stahl is a bankruptcy lawyer in Howard County, MD with more than 25 years of experience representing individuals and businesses in connection with chapter 7, chapter 11 and chapter 13 bankruptcy filings. The Law Offices of Robert M. Stahl has experience in representing clients with serious financial and tax problems in all types of bankruptcy cases. Robert M. Stahl has successfully helped many Ellicott City, MD clients discharge or reorganize millions of dollars of commercial and tax-related financial obligations, as well as save their residential and commercial properties from foreclosure. Contact us now for a free consultation by calling 410-825-4800 or complete the contact form to the right.

Bankruptcy Lawyer Howard County, MD

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Chapter 7 bankruptcy, often called a liquidation or straight bankruptcy, is the most common type of bankruptcy proceeding. In a Chapter 7 case, a debtor is allowed to keep all or a certain portion of his or her property. In most cases, the debtor keeps all property. However, each person and situation is different, and the actual amount that can be retained is determined by a number of factors. If you’re a Maryland resident looking for a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Columbia, MD, we’re ready to assist you. For information on Chapter 7 bankruptcy, [CLICK HERE]

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
A filing under Chapter 13 is technically referred to as “individual reorganization.” It is a way for people to “reorganize” their debt into a manageable, monthly payment plan that is fair for the individual’s creditors. As in a Chapter 7, an individual in a Chapter 13 Plan gets to exempt a certain amount of property. In order to qualify for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a client must be an individual and have regular source of income. For more information about Chapter 13 bankruptcy, [CLICK HERE]

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
A typical individual Chapter 11 is appropriate for an individual who has a lot of complex, usually business-related debt but also a lot of assets/income, or an individual who does not fall within certain parameters required for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. A Chapter 11 filing is also for an individual with a business that could be disrupted by a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or an individual who needs to reorganize debt but who also needs greater flexibility in order to accomplish his or her goals. For more information about Chapter 11 bankruptcy, [CLICK HERE]